The car, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedside table... you name it, you have a pair of glasses there! Find
Trifocal intra-ocular lenses are a fantastic option to correct distance, intermediate AND near vision!
How much research do you do before you make a big decision? Do you think it's enough? Would you do
Sight is a wonderful gift. It is important we invest a small amount of time in our eye health to
The final part in our 3 part series all about cataracts. Find out what recovery time you can expect and
Part 2 of a 3 part series of a well explained cataract journey. This particular post is related to what
We will all experience or hear of the limitations of both imperfect vision and refractive aides. Whether this is fogging
Part 1 of an exciting 3 part series helping to educate those new to the cataract surgery process. Easy digestible
Want to know how to choose the best laser eye surgery clinic? There are many important aspects when making this

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