Platinum Laser Service

Platinum Laser Service

Introducing our new Platinum Laser Vision Correction Service.

platinum serviceThis premium service* is designed for those of us with assiduous work lives, those that would like to even further minimise downtime following surgery and those that just prefer to have extra assistance in navigating the surgical journey they are embarking upon. This service is exclusive to laser eye surgery patient’s only.

Our continuing commitment to offer 5 star treatment from your first enquiry until your final visit is extended even further with the Platinum Laser Service. You can expect to receive:

  1. A consultation with Dr Graham Furness outside of normal business hours. This includes early mornings, evenings or Saturdays
  2. Surgery outside of normal business hours, including Saturdays
  3. Exclusive access to a clinical team member, 7 days a week and, wherever possible; their attendance throughout your laser eye surgery journey. Ensuring a personalised service at every communication
  4. In addition to the standard 12 month aftercare appointments following your procedure; the Platinum Laser Service includes a complimentary 2 year follow-up. Providing you with the assurance that your long-term vision is just as important to us, as your initial vision outcome
  5. Free enhancements / vision touch ups for the first 12 months following your laser eye procedure
  6. Travel booking assistance. Help with booking flights, accommodation and local travel needs for those outside of Perth or Western Australia
  7. A high quality gift following surgery to thank you for choosing Insight Eye Clinic

*A separate additional fee for both consultation and surgery is required in order to benefit from the Platinum Laser Service

Access to 3 generations of laser eye surgery including SMILE

What is SMILE?

Small incision lenticule extraction, better known as SMILE, is the first minimally invasive laser vision correction procedure. During SMILE eye surgery, a lenticule is created inside the intact cornea using the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser and extracted through a small incision. The lenticule is removed, thereby achieving the desired vision correction.

SMILE laser eye surgery is currently only available to patient’s with myopia (short-sight) and astigmatism.  Ongoing efforts are being made to develop this technique so that patient’s with hyperopia (long-sight) can also benefit from this advanced approach.

Consultation – What to expect

Before any procedure can be performed, you will require a thorough eye examination with Dr Furness to ensure you are a suitable candidate.  With our newest SMILE technology, more patients are now suitable!  Some of the things that we will be assessing during this consultation are:

♦  Stable prescription – Your prescription must be stable for a minimum of 12 months prior to surgery

♦  General health of eyes

♦  A detailed measurement of your refractive error (prescription) and if it is within our treatment parameters

♦  Corneal thickness (to ensure there is enough healthy tissue to safely remove a microscopic amount)

♦  Visual acuity with and without glasses

♦  Pupil size

♦  Shape of cornea

♦  Ocular history

♦  Any other eye conditions or family history that is relevant

A map of the shape of your cornea…

will be taken using a topography scanner.  You will be asked to keep your contact lenses out for a short period prior to your consultation (if soft contact lens wearer) or longer for hard / gas permeable lenses as they can warp the shape of the cornea supplying inaccurate measurements.  If this occurs, you will be asked to extend the length of time the contact lenses are out and return for more scans and testing on another date.

Day of Surgery – What to expect

All the information that you require about your surgery day will be provided at your consultation.  SMILE, LASIK & PRK laser eye surgery is performed by Dr Furness at our specialist onsite laser suite based in our Westminster, WA branch.

You will be at the clinic for…

approximately 1.5 hours on the day of your procedure.  The laser operating suite is precisely controlled for both temperature and humidity so light comfortable clothes are all that will be needed.  It is better to have only a light snack and drink well prior to the laser vision procedure.  We ask that you do not wear any perfume / aftershave or alcohol based deodorants and women are asked to not wear any make-up ensuring the eye area is thoroughly cleansed.

You will be greeted by the staff…

upon arrival and begin the admission process prior to being taken to the laser suite for your procedure.  The admission process consists of confirming information and going through your post-operative eye drop regime.  This is very important as the eye drops assist in ensuring a rapid and comfortable recovery.

Once your laser procedure is complete…

You will be brought to the patient lounge to rest for a brief period.  You will be given some light refreshments and an opportunity to relax.  Dr Furness will see you once more to have a final look at your eye(s) and an opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen prior to heading home.  You will be able to contact Dr Furness or our Clinical Manager directly on their mobiles for any queries or questions at all times.

Once you are discharged…

You should travel straight home.  We recommend a family member or friend be available for the first night following surgery for extra assistance with eye drops and support should you require it.  Although you have likely reached driving standards within a  a few hours, it is not advisable to drive until Dr Furness has cleared you at your day 1 post-operative appointment which will be held in our boutique clinic in Subiaco.  To put your mind at ease, you are given Dr Furness’ mobile number for out of office hours for any queries or concerns you may have.


Choosing the right Surgeon

It is a common misconception that it doesn’t matter who the surgeon is as it’s the laser that does all the work.  In actual fact, the lasers are responsible for approximately 10% of your visual outcome.  It is important to have a surgeon with experience, a wide knowledge base and proven great outcomes.  Dr Furness is a cataract and refractive specialist and has performed thousands of successful procedures since qualifying in 1996.  Dr Furness is the founder and chief surgeon of Insight Eye Clinic which was established in 1999.

Dr Furness’ main aim is visual freedom for his patients.  You will be educated to a high degree about the procedure type that is suitable for you and advised accordingly if you are suitable for more than one procedure type as to which is safest and which will provide the best post-operative result.  All 3 steps of the process are imperative to an outstanding outcome.  1. Consultation 2. Surgery 3. Aftercare.  Rest assured you are entrusting your vision to a world class surgeon.

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