3rd Generation SMILE laser eye surgery now available in Perth

Laser Eye Surgery Options

Laser Eye Surgery – Expert and personalised treatments, performed by Australian leading surgeon Dr Graham Furness, with outstanding results.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK (‘laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis’) is the most frequently performed procedure for patients under the age of 40 to correct myopia (short-sight), hyperopia (long-sight) and astigmatism.

This minimally invasive technique is a 2 step process that uses a state of the art Femtosecond laser to create a thin flap in the corneal tissue on the surface of the eye.  Dr Furness then uses another laser to ablate a microscopic amount of corneal tissue which reshapes the surface of the eye and corrects your prescription.  Little to no discomfort is experienced during your procedure, treatment time is approximately 15 minutes and you will walk away spectacle free* with your vision improving hourly until your maximum visual potential is reached.

ASA Surgery

ASA is a similar technique to treat refractive error but is done without flap creation.  This procedure is preferred if there are any corneal irregularities, the cornea is too thin for F-LASIK and many more reasons.  ASA is a fantastic solution to help you achieve your visual goals although healing time is longer than F-LASIK and you may experience more discomfort compared to F-LASIK.  A consultation with Dr Furness will establish which procedure is safer based on your specific measurements.

*case by case dependant. Your doctor will discuss your likely visual outcome during a thorough consultation in our Subiaco based clinic in WA.

Recent studies show that vision loss associated with contact lenses pose a greater risk than laser eye surgery