Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Insight Eye Clinic offers a diverse array of employment opportunities to suit varying degrees of experience, accreditation and general interest in this field of work.  There are excellent working conditions and benefits for those looking for a challenge and who want to make a positive contribution to the community.  Roles required include: clinical, research, administration, assistance in theatre, diagnostic technicians and surgical counsellors.

A degree of experience within ophthalmology is preferential although not a necessity (depending on the role).  Roles suit those with technical interest and whom enjoy the challenge of producing high quality work. You must have a willingness to learn varying fields within our specialty range in order to serve the community to the best of your ability.  At Insight Eye Clinic, you will have the opportunity to use the most up to date diagnostic and treatment systems available enabling our patients to benefit from the best of technology and current treatment techniques.

We offer in depth training which takes place in one or both of our clinics. Our website contains a comprehensive list of the treatment options available and the various eye disorders most commonly presented to us at Insight Eye Clinic.

We endeavour to offer the most effective long term treatment to our patients whilst providing a 5 star patient journey.  You may simply have an interest in helping others and great customer service and this is a positive start to an employment journey with us.

When Sending your Interest / Application

Please include the following:

Email your application to: for attention of: Clinic Manager / Subject: Application of employment.

Contact details

Insight Eye Clinic – Westminster
476 Wanneroo Road,
Westminster 6061
P: 08 9440 4033
F: 08 9440 5064

Insight Eye Clinic – Subiaco
11/20 Subiaco Square Road,
Subiaco 6008
P: 08 9349 6666
F: 08 9440 5064

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