Eye Surgery Costs And Eligibility at Insight Eye Clinic

We have options to reduce eye surgery rates for uninsured pensioners

Cataract Surgery and Private Health Insurance

If you have been confirmed to have  cataract(s) and have private health insurance, then you may be eligible for full or partial cover for your procedure.  We advise that you first attend a consultation with Dr Furness to confirm the presence of cataract(s).  Medicare require a two week gap between eyes in order to allow your private health fund to cover the cost (or partially cover the costs) of your procedure.  You may or may not require both eyes to be treated.  Please see our health funds page for more information about participating funds.

Cataract Surgery – Uninsured

If you require cataract surgery but do not have private health insurance, please still contact Insight Eye Clinic for information as there are options for you.  Please see your below options (if you are unsure which option is suitable for you, please contact us):

Interest Free Finance

Interest free finance is available to help you spread the cost of your refractive procedure.

Pay as little as $59 a week for laser eye surgery over a 2 year period.

If you have HBF Ultimate or Bupa Ultimate, you may be eligible for all or a portion of the costs to be covered.

Dr Furness is a listed preferred provider of cataract and refractive surgery with many major health funds including HBF and Bupa.

Contact us to find out more about individual surgery costs.


Rid yourself of glasses and contact lenses for as little as $8 a day!