This guide will ensure you make the best choice for your eyes. Do not miss out on a thing!
Plan for your laser eye surgery day with this informative guide on 'How to Prepare'.
Instruction guide on how to prepare for your cataract surgery for patients of Dr Graham Furness
A comprehensive guide compiled to full inform you on cataract surgery, health fund cover and what to expect
Instruction guide on how to prepare for your RLE surgery for patients of Dr Graham Furness
Which A list celebrities have had laser eye surgery? Find out here...
Do your research. Look beyond misleading laser eye surgery claims. Read this to read between the lines.
Find out what 'presbyopia' is and why this happens to us in our 40's and what you can do about it!
Benefits of laser eye surgery to FIFO and Construction workers. Improve your daily work life.
A fact based article to help patients find the best laser eye surgeon/clinic in Perth.
It's called the 'silly season' for a reason! Check out these awful eye injuries that most commonly occur around Christmas
LASIK is a procedure that began at the end of the last century. Does that mean it is now out of date? What procedure type could be better?
Is cataract surgery completely necessary or avoidable? What vision outcome can you expect?

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