Floaters can be very annoying whether you only experience them occasionally or daily. But what causes them & should you
Effective treatment for dry eye using a lipid spray. Treating the cause, not the symptoms.
The most wanted info about newest, safest and fastest healing technology, SMILE laser eye surgery.
Trifocal intra-ocular lenses are a fantastic option to correct distance, intermediate AND near vision!
Find out the serious and avoidable side effects that smoking has on the eyes.
It is our mission to offer safe and effective surgery methods to as many people as possible. In some cases,
An Optomap image provides a bigger picture and more clinical information which facilitates early detection, management and treatment.
Pregnancy & breastfeeding is a time of wonder and change. Increases in bodily fluids & hormones mean that eyes are
Diabetic retinopathy occurs when changes in blood glucose levels cause changes in retinal blood vessels. The vessels can swell &
Subconjunctival haemorrhage's appear as one or many red spots on the white of the eye.  Our eyes contain lots of
Trifocal lenses. What will give you the best vision with least risk. Experts reveal what surgery type is going to
An interesting read about the many emotions and ailments that can be detected through the eyes.
Amazing results from Monovision surgery for people over 40yrs of age. Here's how...
Man reading book putting glasses on
Reasons to think twice about laser eye surgery at the age of 40 and what options might suit you better!

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