Our continuing priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients. Keep safe during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic with
My honest review on the pros and cons of blue light filter glasses.
How do optical illusions work? We don't care! Join us in being perplexed in this mind boggling series of images!
Sight is one of our most precious gifts. Find out how you can maintain yours as best as you can
Effective treatment for dry eye using a lipid spray. Treating the cause, not the symptoms.
Aftercare instructions following your cataract or lens exchange surgery for patients of Dr Graham Furness.
SMILE or LASIK? What do all these terms mean? I just want to get rid of my glasses... click here
FineVision Trifocal lenses available at Insight Eye Clinic and Laser Sight
Contact Laser Sight for the most up to date technology and most experienced surgeons
The day is almost here for you to have your cataract surgery!  You have visited your Ophthalmologist, you're informed about
Click here to find out all about contact lens trials and what to expect.

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