My Review: Blue Light Blocking Glasses


My Review: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

glassesWhat are all of these ads popping up on my Facebook and Instagram with people wearing these trendy looking specs?  I decided to click on one of the ads which told me about ‘eyewear for the digital age’.  With claims of alleviating headaches and the symptoms of eye strain caused by over exposure to smart phones, computer screens & TV’s; I was interested.

What is blue light and how does it effect our eyes?

As your average office worker, I sit in front of a screen for most of my work day which can be over 8 hours.  I have my screen brightness turned down to decrease its effects on me.  When I’m at home and not busy being a mum and wife, I spend time on my smart phone or watching Netflix.  The blue light exposure, which supposedly effects sleep quality as well, really mounts up!  I did what I usually do and turned to other peoples blogs and reviews on their experience with blue light filtering glasses before deciding to part with my hard earned dollars ($89.00 AUD).


I was very excited to receive my glasses!  They came packaged well with a lovely case and lens cloth.  I was sorted and finally ready to battle those blue light bullies.  I was ready to sleep better, to not get eye strain, to stop squinting at my computer and phone and to look intellectual in my cool new glasses.  I put on my cute translucent pink glasses.  First observation: ‘I definitely do not look cool’.

As a person who doesn’t wear glasses and definitely doesn’t rely on them for visual clarity, I found myself forgetting to wear them for their designed purpose.  I would leave reminders around such as the case to remind me to wear them in order to get the most out of the experience.  But sometimes, that would mean getting up… and after a full day of life… getting up if you really don’t need to can be off the cards.  So, I found myself not wearing my new pink glasses for a large portion of my blue light exposure time.

My Compromise

I decided that I would aim to wear my blue light filterers for my full work day hoping to increase productivity due to less eye strain.  And guess what?  The glasses definitely make a difference.  As often as I can, I wear them at home for TV or smart phone use.  I must admit that I haven’t noticed any sleep improvements but I definitely do not squint like I used to.  My eyes no longer get watery after staring at my computer screen for hours, my vision is sharper from glare/light pollution reduction and I require less screen breaks than usual (it’s still a good idea to have regular breaks from your screen).

I rate my blue light filter glasses 9/10

Before my purchase, I told myself that I should aim to reduce my screen time instead of aiding it.  But the reality is, its 2023 and whether I like it or not, screens are a big part of daily life for almost everyone.  It would not be possible to do my job without a computer and phone.

I hope this honest and unaffiliated review has provided you with the info you need to choose whether or not to source your own.  My experience may completely differ to your own.  Good luck and thanks for reading!


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