How to Choose The Best Laser Eye Clinic

How to Choose The Best Laser Eye Clinic

There are many important aspects to consider when choosing where to have laser eye surgery or refractive surgery.  Whether you are long-sighted, short-sighted, wear glasses for reading or have cataracts; you should consider these important points to help you make the best possible choice for you and your vision!

Cleanliness – Does the clinic appear clean and tidy? A priority for any reputable clinic will be to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

Surgeon – How many procedures has the surgeon performed? What are his success rates and what experience does he have?  A lot of people seeking out information are under the impression that laser eye surgery and refractive surgery is all done by machine.  They don’t realise that without an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon; human error is still a very large possibility.

Technology – Very important that you seek out a clinic and surgeon that offer the most up to date technology. Why wouldn’t you want the best for your eyes?  When it comes to laser surgery in particular, having a laser to create the flap in the cornea is preferable to a microkeratome which has now become outdated (unless there is specific need for it).  Wavefront technology is a must as this allows customisation to each individual eye offering the best possible vision post-op.

Aftercare – Make sure the clinic you choose is committed to looking after you throughout your laser eye surgery/refractive surgery AND afterwards. Be sure to check what their aftercare programme includes as this can mean the difference between a good and a great clinic.

Cost – Is the cost of aftercare included in the quoted price? It should be.  One final figure should be given to you at your appointment with no hidden fees.  Be aware that some places have extra hospital fees or follow up costs.  Make yourself aware of this before you get an unpleasant surprise when it’s too late.

As is with most cases; you get what you pay for.  Do NOT be tempted by slash down prices.  If a clinic is a great deal cheaper from other clinics… they are usually cutting something somewhere and your eyes deserve the best!

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