Laser Eye Surgery… Safer than Contact Lenses?

Laser Eye Surgery… Safer than Contact Lenses?

Are you a part of the 61% of Australians that use either prescription glasses or contact lenses?

It seems that the number of people wearing glasses and contact lenses is on a steady increase according to the Australian Institute of Health and Eye Tests & Eye Exam in PerthWelfare (AIHW).  More than 61% of Australian’s are currently spending every day with restricted uncorrected vision causing them to reach for the glasses or contact lenses.  And they’re not cheap either!

Glasses costs…

The average price for glasses nationally is $196, according to Vision Service Plan.  But if you require extra coatings for glare when night driving, anti-scratch, UV protection or lenses to be ‘thinned down’ if you have a very high prescription; then the price can be bumped up a whole lot more.  And that’s without the additional frame costs.

Contact Lens Costs…

The average annual spend for contact lenses is $360 and this price doesn’t include correction for those of us with astigmatism requiring what is known as ‘toric’ contact lenses which can jack up the price even more.

Contact lenses can cause long term damage

Contact Lens Complications

The majority of contact lenses wearers will suffer with some form of eye infection caused by bad contact lens hygiene at least once throughout the duration of their use.  Infections are often caused by overuse, sleeping whilst wearing them, not cleaning them properly, not washing hands thoroughly before applying etc.

Contact lens wearers are at increased risk of encountering parasites that can invade the eye and cause a serious sight-threatening infection called Acanthamoeba keratitis which is why contact lens wearers should observe certain safety tips, such as avoiding swimming while wearing contacts.

Complications & Risk Factors…  Serious eye infections that can lead to blindness affect up to 1 out of every 500 contact lens users per year.

Laser eye surgery is MUCH safer!

laser eye surgery

Realistically, the chance of going blind from Laser Eye Surgery in the hands of an expert surgeon using the best technology is almost too small to measure–in the region of 1 in 5 million.

There are different methods of laser eye surgery dependent on your prescription (refractive error), shape and health of your eye and ocular history.  These are:




(Please click on surgery type for explanation of what these are)

Certain health funds will contribute or pay ALL towards your surgery!  Contact your health fund today or call Insight Eye Clinic and Laser Sight on 08 9440 4033 to see if you qualify.

If not, then rest assured that the cost of this procedure is very affordable. Interest free finance options are available to help you spread the costs.