Insight Eye Clinic and Laser Sight are Perth’s leading eye care group.

We believe in educating our patients to allow them to make informed decisions and our professional, friendly staff pride themselves on caring for you and your eyes throughout every step of your journey with us.

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Welcome to Insight Eye Clinic - The Leading Eye Care Centre in Perth

If you’re interested in cataract surgery or laser eye surgery in Perth, Dr Furness and his team are the experts to see. Insight Eye Clinic are leaders in cataract and refractive surgery in WA since 1999. We strive to provide you with the best service, education and treatment available in Perth and welcome you to visit us for a non-obligation consultation with the doctor himself to ensure you will leave confident with the knowledge that you are receiving the best care and visual results possible.

Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Perth

Various eye care & treatment options available

Rest assured that by choosing Insight Eye Clinic or sister clinic Laser Sight, you are choosing a specialist with many fields of expertise. All procedures performed are done using the most up to date and safest technology and techniques. As long as you are 18+ Dr Furness will assess your suitability for all refractive surgical options and recommend accordingly.

See our surgical option below for more information on refractive lens exchange (RLE), laser eye surgery options including newest technique F-LASIK and implantable contact lenses (ICL).

Eye Treatment Options

You will be overwhelmed with the level of satisfaction you’ll experience from your first contact with Insight Eye Clinic to your final check up.

Cataract Surgery

Inside the eye is a structure called the lens, which separates the front half and back half of the eye. The lens is made of a soft material, which gets firmer as we age. As part of the ageing process the lens can become cloudy, and then we call it a cataract. The lens is mostly made of proteins and water. Clouding of the lens occurs due to changes in the proteins and lens fibres. Cataracts can usually be treated with a routine day case operation where the cloudy lens is removed and is replaced with an artificial lens. Read more on our 'Cataract' page

Laser Eye Surgery -SMILE, F-LASIK & ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation)

Laser eye surgery is the most frequently performed procedure for patients under the age of 40 to correct myopia (short-sight), hyperopia (long-sight) and astigmatism. With 3 generations of laser eye surgery available to you, there is a much higher chance that you will be found suitable for treatment. Methods vary between SMILE, F-LASIK & ASA. This will be discussed with you in more detail at a consultation or you are welcome to visit any of our informative pages for more details. Read more on our SMILE page

RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange)

Refractive lens exchange (abbreviated to RLE) is also known as refractive lens surgery, lens replacement surgery or clear lens exchange (CLE). RLE surgery is completed using the same technique as cataract surgery although no cataract is present. The clear natural lens inside the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens and is popular with patients who are above the age of 40. RLE is a great alternative to laser eye surgery for those over 40 as it can offer a more permanent near vision result as well as great distance vision. There are various intraocular lenses available to suit all people and they provide different visual results. Read about the differences between monovision, trifocals and distance vision correction on our Refractive Lens Exchange page.

Steps to Visual Freedom

   The healthcare system can be hard to navigate. Our simple process helps straighten things out and
empowers you to make the best decisions about your eye care.

Insight Eye Clinic's Free Suitability Assessment


Free Suitability Assessment

Come along and meet our Orthoptist for a free, quick and easy suitability assessment*.  Various measurements and tests are performed to establish what the best suited procedure is for you.
*Suitability assessment optional can book consultation with Dr Furness as primary appointment
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Insight Eye Clinic's Consultation



The consultation is carried out by our Chief Refractive and Cataract Surgeon, Dr Graham Furness MBBS (WA), FRANZCO. This is a thorough process where Dr Furness establishes what procedure is best suited to you based on his assessment and several diagnostic tests.

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Laser Eye Surgery Leaders


Surgery day

The exciting day has come to rid yourself of your glasses and contact lenses! Dr Furness, along with our friendly surgical teams at the highly accredited Perth Eye Hospital and Joondalup Health Campus, will ensure an easy, efficient experience. Rest assured that you and your eyes are in the best hands possible.

Life is beautiful, why not see it clearly.
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Newest 3rd Generation SMILE Laser Eye Surgery from VisuMax

Minimally invasive. Flapless. Painless. Now there’s something to SMILE about

FineVision® Trifocal lenses available to transform your vision from good to GREAT

Your dream to see clearly without glasses is possible with this modern eye surgery

Meet Dr Graham!

Dr Graham Furness is one of Perth’s most experienced and respected cataract and refractive surgeons, having performed surgery since 1996, so you can be confident of receiving the best treatment available.

Specialising in cataract and refractive surgery, Graham was one of the first surgeons in Perth to regularly perform cataract surgery using the small incision tech nique under eyedrop (topical) anaesthetic.

Graham is a current board member and previous chairman of the Perth Eye Centre – a charitable organization. He is a visiting medical specialist at both Osborne Park Hospital and Joondalup Health Campus.

Dr Graham Furness - Cataract & Refractive Surgeon at Insight Eye Clinic

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