Health Funds (Laser Eye Surgery & RLE)

Laser Eye Treatment & RLE Health Fund Information

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Dr Graham Furness is a preferred provider of HBF health fund.  Please contact us for more information on HBF’s rebates related to refractive surgery.

Dr Graham Furness is also a preferred provider for Bupa.  You are entitled to full cover of the cost of your SMILE/LASIK / PRK laser eye procedure under the Bupa Ultimate scheme and reimbursement of your doctor consultation fee of $200.  You are required to serve a 3 year waiting period before you are eligible for cover with this health fund.

You must be with Medibank Ultra Cover and serve a 3 year waiting period in order to qualify for a $3,500 reduction from the cost of your laser eye treatment.

There is a 2 year waiting period to benefit from $600 reduction (per person) from your laser eye treatment under AHM’s Lifestyle Extra’s scheme or $900 reduction (per person) with Super Extras cover.  A lifetime limit applies to both tiers with this health fund.

Top Extras cover contributes $1,000 per person claimable once every two financial years and you must serve a 12 month waiting period in order to qualify.  You may be eligible for a contribution under a different level of cover with Defence Health after a 12 month waiting period, please enquire to them for details.