Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in Perth – Top 3

Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in Perth – Top 3

Navigating the waters of where to go to have your eyes lasered can be tricky.  With everyone claiming that they are the best, how can you know? When it comes to our vision, we want to know that we are entrusting the best surgeon and a clinic that offers 5 star treatment.

We want to:

Feel heard when it comes to our vision needs

Be accommodated for when it comes to appointments and locations

Pay a reasonable amount with the option of interest free finance

Feel secure in our choice and trust that our Surgeon and their team have our best interests in mind

Know that the aftercare process is easy to follow, yet thorough

Feel supported through the choice making phase and not feel pressured

Know that the long term benefits outweigh the anxiety of having surgery to our eyes

Have a personalised journey that makes our experience a positive one

Have the option of surgery on a Saturday to reduce time off of work for us and support people

Some of these wants are subconscious but a great clinic will ensure that these wants are done without you having to think about it.  To tick all of your boxes, including the ones you didn’t even know existed.  A great clinic will ultimately, remove any barriers between you and your goal of crystal clear vision.

So… how do you find that without sucking very important hours from your life? Hours that you’d much rather spend with your family, friends, playing sports, cooking, travelling, exploring etc.

You Google it.  And hopefully you find this article written by someone who has done all of the hard work for you. 

1. Insight Eye Clinic

ethos. happy patient journey best laserDr Graham Furness is the founder and Chief Surgeon at Insight Eye Clinic. Dr Furness is a corneal, refractive & cataract specialist.  He is on the advisory board for Perth Eye Hospital and is one of the only surgeons in WA to offer implantable contact lenses and refractive lens exchange in addition to the various laser eye surgery methods (SMILE / LASIK / PRK). He has been performing laser eye surgery since the early 00’s and uses 3rd generation SMILE technology to ensure the best outcome with minimal downtime for his patients.

Insight Eye Clinic have 2 locations in Subiaco and Westminster (off Wanneroo Rd). These locations accommodate for almost all requirements and the Westminster clinic is where their laser surgery suite is located. Both locations boast top Google review ratings. With free parking and easy access, it removes an additional stress on surgery day for both the patient and their support person. The aim is to provide the best patient journey possible alongside the best outcome.

And as an added bonus and personalised touch, laser patients have the option to have their surgery journey filmed, completely complementary!  This gives you exciting and valuable memories to keep forever. You can check out some of these videos on their YouTube channel: Click Here

Both 3rd generation SMILE laser eye surgery and LASIK laser eye surgery cost $3,400 per eye at Insight Eye Clinic. 0% finance options available.

2. Aculase

Dr Ian Chan has been the principal surgeon at Aculase since it’s doors opened in 2008. Dr Chan is both a corneal specialist as well as an ophthalmologist in Perth. This is an assurance to you since laser eye surgery is done on the cornea and having a cornea specialist as your surgeon will give you the added confidence that you are in very good hands. Aculase have several 5 star reviews to reflect the level of service that they offer.

Aculase clinic is based in Nedlands and they have designed a patient focused clinic. Dr Chan held a Masterclass at a South East Asian ophthalmic conference in 2018. It was related to the intricacies of SMILE laser eye surgery. He offers additional procedures to laser eye surgery, such as implantable contact lenses, refractive lens exchange and cataract surgery.

Aculase currently have the highest price for SMILE laser eye surgery in WA at $3,700 per eye. 0% finance options are available.

3. Dr Tom Cunneen

Dr Tom Cunneen is a fellowship trained ophthalmic surgeon. He graduated with Honours from the University of Western Australia in 2003 and did his residency at Royal Perth Hospital. He trained at the prestigious Sydney Eye Hospital and completed a Corneal and Refractive Surgical fellowship at the internationally renowned Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. In addition he completed a fellowship in Oculoplastic Surgery.

In addition to laser eye surgery (SMILE / LASIK / trans PRK), Dr Cunneen also performs blepharoplasty (aka eyelid surgery), brow lifting and surgery for ptosis (drooping eyelids). His rooms are located in Subiaco and parking is usually paid within this area. Dr Cunneen has received several 5 star reviews that reflect the level of service that he and his staff strive to offer.

We do not currently know Dr Cunneen’s pricing structure or if finance options are available. Quotes are only provided following a consultation.



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**None of the information in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your eye care practitioner.**