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Insight eye combines professionalism, caring, confidence and an obvious depth of knowledge into an experience that one rarely receives in a life time. Can I speak highly enough of the entire crew, no is the simple answer. I could wax lyrical for pages and pages but put simply, lens replacement is the second best decision I have ever made, the best decision was going through Insight Eye Clinic.

In the beginning ethos 

The doors to Insight Eye Clinic were opened in 1999. The vision from the beginning has greatly expanded to increase the reach that Dr Furness has.  Through specialising in various procedure types and keeping up to date with the safest techniques, Dr Furness maintains his exceptional outcomes and patient relationships.

Dr Furness’ brother was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) as a boy.  RP is a rare genetic disorder that causes the cells in the retina to break down slowly over time, leading to vision loss. His grandfather was also blind due to progressed glaucoma.  Seeing first hand the effects of vision loss is what lead to Dr Furness specialising in Ophthalmology.

Man laying under laser about to have SMILE laser eye surgery with Dr Graham FurnessThe ongoing mission

The vision outcome and patient journey remain our number 1 priorities. This may sound simple but we assure you, there are many layers and protocols in place to achieve this.  Staff training is an on-going measure to ensure we can help as effectively and efficiently as possible in every situation from the first enquiry right through to the final appointment.

Dr Furness, along with his staff, host training events for Optometrists from all over WA. These training events keep Optometrists up to date with:

• Technology & advancements

• Pre-operative examination processes

• Treatment parameters

• Managing patient’s post-operatively

• Post-operative care & best procedure

• Useful techniques for their personal development

• Writing referrals – What’s important?

• Interesting & rare ophthalmic studies/cases

• Importance of understanding patient occupation/lifestyle

• Managing potential post-op complications

These registered training events help Optometrists obtain CPD (continuing professional development) points. This is a statutory requirement for all fully qualified Optometrists in order to remain registered.  The deliberately small groups and intimate setting mixed with the interactive nature of the events helps to build trust and a deeper level of understanding within our practice.

This also helps to instill confidence within the Optometrists through discussing the above bullet points and holding open Q&A’s.

Prioritising patient journeyethos. happy patient journey

Studies show that one of the main priorities for patients when choosing a healthcare provider, is to feel heard.  Such a seemingly simple task… to listen intently to someone.  But this is a common complaint within healthcare.  A lot of patients do not feel heard or validated which inhibits trust. Dr Furness knows that through understanding each individual patient’s vision needs, he can tailor a treatment plan and outcome that will best suit their daily life.

This approach to the patient journey means that our patients are very happy.  The ability to build trust through careful listening and a skilled, informed approach to surgery, has proven very effective in our practice.

We welcome you to visit Insight Eye Clinic to discuss your vision needs and how we can help you. Journey with us to better vision.


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Journey with us to better vision