Guide for Choosing The Best Laser Eye Clinic


Guide for Choosing The Best Laser Eye Clinic

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This guide is a courtesy from Insight Eye Clinic on how to choose the best place to have laser eye surgery! Your sight is one of your most precious commodities so take the time to find the best Surgeon & clinic for you.

Whether you are long-sighted, short-sighted, astigmatic, wear glasses for reading (presbyopic) or have cataracts, you should consider these important points to help you make the best possible choice for you and your vision!

Open & Honest / Did you Feel Heard?

This is a big one for us and for most people. How did you feel? Did you like the staff? Did you feel heard when discussing your history and issues? Did you feel that the staff were invested in your outcome and best possible treatment plan?

At Insight Eye Clinic, the patient’s journey has always been prioritised. Through getting to know and understand the patient, we are able to customise their vision outcome to ensure their lifestyle is catered for. Not everyone’s needs are the same and it is up to us to pay close attention and really tailor the treatment outcome.

We remain open and honest about every step and possible complication (if any additional risks are present).  Not only is your own medical history extremely important, your family medical history is too. The patients commitment to their well engineered journey pays off with our ongoing commitment to their needs and outcomes.

Most of our patients come through word of mouth. We are proud to offer such a wonderful easy experience to our patients.

Reviews & Recommendations

What do people have to say about that clinic? For many years, surgical clinics were not allowed to request/receive online reviews. The Medical Board of Australia: AHPRA have had strict guidelines in place prohibiting medical practitioners from using or requesting patient testimonials.

In 2022, the guidelines slightly changed to state that testimonials not directly related to the ‘regulated health service’ are allowed.  Although this is a difficult restriction to have in place as everyone relies heavily on reviews, there are still several ways to see reviews left on many different platforms and we are grateful that people have had such great experiences that they wish to share them.


How many procedures has the surgeon performed? What are their success rates and what experience do they have? Upon meeting them, have they instilled confidence?  A lot of people seeking out information are under the impression that laser eye surgery and refractive surgery is all done by machine.  They don’t realise that without an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon; human error is still a very large possibility.

Dr Furness stays up to date on every level in order to offer the safest, most accurate and fast healing results.




Needless to say, finding somewhere that actively take time and consideration when choosing their technology, is essential. Why wouldn’t you want the best for your eyes?  When it comes to laser surgery in particular, advancements are being made often. Currently, there are 3 generations of laser eye surgery with the most recent 3rd generation being: SMILE. There are spin-off’s of the same technology available, but currently, the gold standard in providers are Zeiss with their Visumax laser.

A good clinic should also remain knowledgeable with advancements in diagnostic equipment. You cannot ensure that surgical results are as accurate as they possibly can be without having equipment to test every topographical corneal nuance, pre and post-operatively.


Ensure that the clinic you choose is committed to looking after you throughout your laser eye surgery journey and during your post-operative months. Check what their aftercare initiative includes as this can mean the difference between a good and a great clinic. Great clinics/surgeons will stand by their results through offering a comprehensive follow up package that include post-operative appointments at the most crucial stages. Day 1 post-op, week 1, month 1, month 3 and month 6.


Is the cost of aftercare included in the quoted price? It should be.  One final figure should be given to you at your appointment with no hidden fees.  Be aware that some places have extra hospital fees or follow up costs.  Make yourself aware of this before you get an unpleasant surprise when it’s too late.

As is with most cases; you get what you pay for.  Do NOT be tempted by slash down prices.  If a clinic is a great deal cheaper from other clinics… they are usually cutting something somewhere and your eyes deserve the best!

We have seen clinics use terms that can be confusing to market surgical methods that are less common or have since been surpassed with newer, faster healing and safer methods.


Does the clinic appear clean and tidy? A priority for any reputable clinic will be to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. This is especially important for clinics with onsite surgical suites.

It is common to feel overwhelmed

A guide such as this can feel overwhelming, although it is designed to be helpful.  There are several very good providers of refractive surgery and who you choose is a personal choice.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, something as little as a phone call to discuss your options can make you feel so much better.  If you are interested in getting rid of your glasses or contact lenses and need some guidance, give us a call. It might just be the little bit of help you need to set yourself on the right path. 08 9440 4033.

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