Eyes are the Window to the Soul

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William Shakespeare said ‘the eyes are the window to your soul’.

Our eyes give away so much about us which is quite magnificent considering how small they are in relation to all of our other organs.  We can recognise a persons emotional state, a health condition, whether they are being truthful or not and if we like something or someone.

How do our eyes convey emotion?

If you’re like me, you have searched someone’s eyes before for their true feelings about something in particular.  Our peepers communicate so much more than we are often able to verbalise.  My friends and I have certain looks that are basically a whole conversation!  Reading emotions through eyes is human nature and a way to non-verbally communicate with others who don’t share the same language, infants, small toddlers and even animals.

What we can observe someone experiencing through their eyes

♦ Disgust / disagreement

♦ Stress

♦ Lying

♦ Happiness

♦ Fear

♦ Pain / discomfort

♦ Surprise

♦ Love

♦ Excitement

♦ Boredom


Health conditions that can be found or display symptoms through our eyes 

Our eyes aren’t only the window to our soul… but to our health as well.  As a specialist cataract, refractive and intravitreal injection clinic, we can’t tell patients often enough how important annual to bi-annual ocular appointments are.  Sight is considered our most precious sense and regular maintenance is a must.  Here is a list of some of the most common health conditions that can accompany a diagnosis through an eye health assessment:

♦  Aneurysm

♦  Brain tumour

♦  Various types of cancer

♦  Diabetes

♦  High BP

♦  High cholesterol

♦  Lupus

♦  Lyme disease

♦  Medication toxicities

♦  Multiple Sclerosis

♦ Myasthenia gravis

♦ Rheumatoid arthritis

♦ Sarcoidosis

♦ STD’s

♦ Sickle cell disease

♦ Sjogren’s syndrome

♦ Stroke

♦ Thyroid disease

♦ Vascular disease

♦ Vitamin A deficiency