Dr Graham Furness Hosts Webinar – All About Trifocals

Dr Graham Furness – Host of Webinar: All About Trifocals 


Dr Furness recently hosted a long-awaited webinar, presenting to a panel of his peers.  Discussing screening methods, those best suited to trifocal intra-ocular lenses, surgical outcomes, case studies, results and managing patient expectations.

Background of Insight Eye Clinic’s Medical Director – Dr Graham Furness

Dr Furness began his own private practice 24 years ago and heads up 2 successful practices in Subiaco and Westminster, Western Australia.  Dr Furness specialises in various forms of refractive and cataract surgery.  Each patient that chooses Insight Eye Clinic receives a tailor made treatment via the safest and most effective route.(click here to visit our website for a comprehensive list and description of all surgery types and who they are most suited to)

How Surgery Corrects Your Near, Intermediate and Distance Vision Problems

Trifocal RLE (refractive lens exchange) – This is a permanent vision correction and involves replacing the natural clear lens inside of your eye(s) with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).  RLE is a great alternative to laser eye surgery for those over 40 years of age.  It can offer a more permanent near vision result as well as great distance and intermediate vision.  By replacing the natural lens, you will never suffer with cataracts and the visual deterioration caused by cataracts.

Patients experience fantastic visual results for distance, intermediate AND near vision from this method of vision correction.  It is one of the most commonly performed surgery types in the world as it is completed in the exact same manor as a cataract surgery (removal of natural lens, replaced with artificial lens).

Personal development and training is a big part of what we do at Insight Eye Clinic.  Dr Furness & his team host interactive events at least twice yearly to further educate Optometrists on new developments within ophthalmic surgery and vision maintenance.

Dr Furness attends several Ophthalmic events in person around the country and the world as well as online.

This webinar was a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge with other surgeons and ophthalmic professionals in order to further their practice by offering FineVision trifocal intra-ocular lenses.

Clinical Study: Clinical Outcomes With a Trifocal Intraocular Lens: A Multicentre Study

A total of 198 eyes (99 patients) were included in the analysis (122 female eyes, 72 male eyes).  The final conclusion after many factors taken into consideration was: ‘The results demonstrated that the trifocal FineVision IOL is able to restore near, intermediate, and distance visual function’.  Click the link in the title to view the study, its results and comments.

It’s important to note…

Refractive lens exchange is widely recognised by health funds with some contributing to the cost for non-cataract patients.  If you have cataracts and are covered by your private health fund, you are likely to receive full cover (depending on your level of cover) or have a small gap present.

**Please Note** This blog post is not to be used in place of medical advice.  Please see your GP/Ophthalmologist/health practitioner for advice or if you are experiencing any vision problems.  An informed opinion is key when having any form of elective surgery.
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