We Love Optical Illusions

Mind Blowing Optical Illusions… Just Because!

Here at Insight Eye Clinic, we love optical illusions.  But we don’t want to know exactly how or why they work!  We just want to continue being baffled by them.  So… please join us in being totally and utterly perplexed with these 12 visual conundrums.

1. Oh man, why are all these circles spinning?  And why when I concentrate on the red dot in the centre, do the black circles in the middle of the flower circles flash?!


2. 3 cylinders are spinning… I’ve tried to put my hands in between the 3 of them but they still manage to move. What kind of sorcery is this?


3. ‘Space, the final fronti…’  No silly, it’s just a drawing, not an actual black hole! This 3D image is awesome


4. One, two, three, four… Wait. What? How many legs does this elephant have and where on earth are they coming from?

5. Would you believe me if I told you both of these circles are perfectly round.  No! You wouldn’t! I don’t even believe me. But it’s the truth.


6. Help me, my brain hurts.  This one has us all hurting. Is today done yet?

7. Stare at the black ‘+’ in the centre. You will develop a slight case of ‘Iseegreendotsthatdontexist-itis’


8. Oh yes, this is an old bald man with his eyes closed.  Pardon? You say it’s also a woman with her hair tied back? Well, I never.


9. WHY IS IT PULSATING? Stop messing with me!!!


10. You’re beginning to think that your eyes and brain are broken. You stare at this. You have no idea if those black dots exist.  I can tell you that they don’t. Yes, perhaps your eyes and brain are broken.


11. If you squint… It stops spinning!


12. Whoever did this must need glasses.  I’m done.  That’s enough internet for today folks!


Hope you’ve enjoyed these 12 optical illusions that will keep your eyes crossed for the rest of the day.  See you soon!