COVID-19 Response from Insight Eye Clinic

COVID-19 Insight Eye Clinic Response

Our continuing priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we want to reassure patients that we are taking every necessary precaution to reduce and hopefully eliminate any chance of risk during your visit to our clinic.  If you feel safe to travel to our clinic and you are not classed as high risk or you require urgent medical care for your eyes, please see the following measures we have put in place to minimise your risk.

  • Confirming with patients during pre-appointment attendance calls that they are not COVID-19 compromised due to travel, contacts or illness
  • Wiping down all chairs, doors, surfaces and equipment with medical grade disinfectant after each patient use
  • Operating a ‘same seat only’ policy. Each patient is given a piece of paper to indicate their seat until their departure from the clinic ensuring nobody else sits there in the interim
  • Patients instructed to be seated 1.5 meters or more apart to maintain social distancing
  • Each patient to wash or sanitise hands upon arrival
  • Staff members working from home where possible
  • Staff to wash hands after arrival and departure of each patient
  • Staff wearing masks
  • Checking patient’s temperatures upon arrival
  • Dr Furness has a shield separating himself from the patient during eye examination when using slit lamp

#STOPTHESPREAD with these handy tips!

Follow these tips from the World Health Organization to keep yourself safe and help contain the spread of the virus.

1. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
2. Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, and nose.
3. Avoid contact with people who are vulnerable. And if you can’t, wear a mask.
4. Cover your cough with the bend of your elbow.
5. Disinfect surfaces you regularly use.
6. If you feel unwell, stay at home and call your healthcare provider.
7. Only share information from trusted sources.

Thank you for your understanding during these tough times.  We remain optimistic and hope with the correct care and sanitation in the community, we can fight this together.