You Won’t Believe Which Celebrities Have Had Laser Eye Surgery

You Won’t Believe Which Celebrities Have Had Laser Eye Surgery


Celebrities have a lot of options when it comes to surgery and what is best for them. They also have a lot of money meaning that they get to choose the best.  Laser Eye Surgery is the leading treatment for short-sight, long-sight and astigmatism. Check out some of the big names that have gone under the laser!

Taylor Swift laser eye surgeryTaylor Swift

Short-sight doesn’t discriminate. Even global superstar, Taylor Swift, has found herself under a laser with the goal to see clearly. Jimmy Fallon exposed a home-made video made by Taylor’s Mum, whilst still feeling the effects of the medication given during her procedure.

Brad Pitt Celebrity Laser Eye Surgery

Brad Pitt

We doubt this handsome talented man would ever find himself being held back by a little old pair of glasses! A simple laser eye procedure is all Brad needed to make his daily life easier.

Here he is before and after laser eye surgery.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian LASIK SMILE celebrity laser eye surgery

Back in 2011, Kim Kardashian documented her laser eye surgery procedure on KUWTK!  These days, the reality TV star is thriving with her own make-up line, Kimoji’s, SKIM’s, modelling and kids fashion line!

Elton John Celebrity laser eye surgery Sir Elton John

Even with brand new laser corrected eyes, it would be rare to see Sir Elton without his signature funky eye wear!  We love your look and your music Elton, can you feel the love tonight?

Tiger Woods Celebrity Laser eye surgery Dr Graham Furness

Tiger Woods

One of the most talented golfers to date understands the need for sharp vision.  Back in 1999 this international sportsman said goodbye to glasses and contact lenses… and the bunker!

Cindy Crawford Laser eye surgery -  celebrityCindy Crawford

International super model and celebrity Cindy has also had this quick procedure to enhance her eyes.  Believe it or not, we couldn’t find an earlier picture of Cindy in her specs…  She must have really disliked them! celebrities

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